Wings – Macklemore

I first heard of Macklemore about 4 years ago when a friend had me listen to one of his songs, and I honestly can’t say I remember a single thing about it. His single Thrift Shop was released this past summer, which quickly raised to mainstream fame when his first studio album The Heist was released in October. Wings was the second track I heard from the album (first was Thrift Shop) and I was instantly hooked. If you love Nikes or Jordans then you’ll love this (or if you don’t then I hope you still love it also).

A rap song that does not mention sex, drugs, or alcohol! Is this real life? Not only is the song clean, but it captures the culture of our generation. We willingly spend an extra 20, 50, 100 dollars on something just because of the brand name. How crazy is that? Macklemore brings us back to the reality of how ridiculous it really is while also shedding light on how that addiction starts. And he does it all in a lyrically and instrumentally fantastic song! Job well done. No doubt I’ll bring up Macklemore in later posts. This guy is going to change our world.

“This is the source of my youth, this dream that they sold to you. For a hundred dollars and some change, consumption is in the veins. And now I see it’s just another pair of shoes.” – Macklemore


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