Tyler Ward – 5th Year YouTube Anniversary

I’ve been wanting to do a Tyler Ward post ever since I started this blog, however I wanted it to be great and do him justice. I thought today would be an excellent time to sit down and finally do this post because 5 years ago, on this day, he posted his first ever YouTube video. About 3 years ago I stumbled onto an amazing cover artist on YouTube. Since then he has become very special to me and he has become very successful. I’m not a huge fan of covers, but Tyler’s are amazing. He puts such raw emotion into each song, whether it’s happiness  sadness, contempt, angst, love. His voice and skill with a guitar are amazing (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s very good looking)! Check out his cover of Somewhere With You originally performed by Kenny Chesney:

The biggest problem cover artists have is the switch to releasing original material . Tyler Ward’s original songs are just as amazing (if not better!) than his covers. For the past couple years he has been releasing a few on YouTube every now and then, but on September 25th of this year he released his first original album, an EP titled Hello. Love. Heartbreak. (pictured below). Featuring six songs, this EP takes a step away from Tyler’s usual sound and embracing a more alternative pop-rock feel. It’s an album you can jam out to in the car and sing your heart out. You rarely find an album that is worth listening to every single song on the track-list, but Hello. Love. Heartbreak. is one of those rare gems. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve listened to that album start to finish. Each song is as good as the last, you can really tell he put a lot of work to make this album perfect.


What makes Tyler Ward such a great artist is not only his musical ability, but a big contribution is his personality. This guy is not afraid to be himself and that’s something that’s hard to find these days. He really does have a heart of gold. He’s always takes time out to interact with his fans and puts in the hard work it takes to be successful. He’s an outgoing, energetic, and sometimes crazy guy, and you really see it in his videos and while he’s on stage. I was blessed with the opportunity to go see him in concert twice this year, once in Charlotte and once in Boston, and it was hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to. Everyone was on their feet the whole time and he was so engaging with the crowd. His music is perfect concert music, where you can’t help but rocking out and singing along.


Here’s a picture that I took of him while at the concert in Charlotte. I think it captures his fun-loving nature perfectly. At the end of the show, he came out and sat down with crowd. He was very humble about how lucky he was to be able to play his music and tour. He ended with an acoustic cover of Amazing Grace that was absolutely beautiful. I highly suggest going to one of his concert’s if you ever get the chance to. Tickets were only $20 and the show is definitely worth every penny.

To hear more of his music, check out his YouTube channel

Hello. Love. Heartbreak. can be found on iTunes for only $5 by clicking here!

Keep on rocking Tyler!


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