A Silent Film


You know when you stumble upon a band and just know they’re something special? Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to A Silent Film. I never heard of them before last night. I made a last minute decision to attend a concert at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC where four bands were performing, the last band up was A Silent Film. During the first song off their set list I could already tell they were a rare gem. Hailing all the way from the UK, A Silent Film are an alternative rock band with poetic flowing lyrics and a strong indie vibe.

Robert Stevenson – Vocals/Piano
Karl Bareham – Guitar
Ali Hussain – Bass
Spencer Walker – Drums

After listening to their recorded music today, I have to say they’re even better live. They did an amazing job last night and the energy of the crowd was incredible. I’m definitely seeing them again as soon as I get the chance. I was truly amazed with how connected they were with their own music. You could tell they absolutely love what they do and that’s what music is all about. I have no doubt they’ll make it big time. Here’s a video a fan took at the show, they covered Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia for their encore: (believe me it was more energetic than this during the show!)

Check out their new single Harbour Lights:

Love it? You can get this song and plenty more on iTunes

Check out their website for more information by clicking here


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