2013-04-17 18_44_22-Twitter _ TheBatman_ When Gotham needs a hero they ..

The tweet above was posted by a Batman parody account yesterday and I can’t express how true it is. By now everyone has heard about what happened in Boston on Monday. I’m currently going to school in North Carolina so I was thankfully a thousand miles away. But my family and friends were there. My Dad was at his office three blocks away. My friend crossed the finish line 3 minutes before. Another friend was standing about 500 yards away. I’ve been experiencing a lot of emotions over the past two days and I’m not really sure how I feel. There is one thing I do know. I have NEVER been prouder of my city (even after the 2004 World Series). I’ve always known Boston to be a community that stands united and displays extreme resilience and perseverance. And now the whole world will know the same.


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